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(Aroon). ( Male )is (Looks 19) years of age. They look a lot like (Jang Hae Byeol) and is an original character.

“( Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothings going to get better, it’s not. )

| Personality: Over emotional and caring. Aroon isn’t stable at all, he can easily fall in love with anyone that even looked at him the right way. Spazzing when anything bad happens he freaks out over the littlest things. He goes in and out of depression depending on what happen or who said it.

Drama starring is another trait that Aroon has picked up. He blows everything out of the water when he gets the chance. Clingy and can’t separate the fine line of being a friend to a lover. Aroon doesn’t understand boundaries unless it’s too late.

| Background:

This small Asian wasn’t always a non-dying kid with riches from his boyfriend Hayden. His life before hand was much more in depth and harder. His family, poor and uncaring turned him over to his uncle during the day for money. Living in a small closet and working in a labor factory only making five cents an hour, Aroon never got the anything as a child. From the abuse of his uncle taking the only money he made daily to pay off his parents debts and parents that didn’t love him turned darker.

His family owing a mobster a lot of money Aroon didn’t know this. When his parents moved to New York to get away from Jack, the mobster, they took Aroon back to make him work in New York. Well little did they know that Jack tracked them, killed them and took Aroon to prostitute him off for the debt his parents owed him.
In a cage Aroon was left in the basement of Jacks house waiting on going to become a prostitute. As they days went by there was more than just what Aroon thought as loud noises came and people yelling with guns the house was soon on fire. The support beams fell on his cage.

Pulling himself out he cut open his stomach making scares across his stomach. Getting out a live with a few of Jacks money and clothes that was too big he ran into Hayden.
Hungry and starving Hayden offer him food and right there Aroon fell in love with this straight guy. Months went by and Aroon went from being in love with Hayden to another guy name Buck. Moving into Hayden’s home. Aroon was off the streets instead of living in abandon apartments. Buck went off into the arm and soon was killed by Hayden but still to this day Aroon doesn’t know that. Carrying a panda bear that Buck got him Aroon sticks to Hayden’s side.

| Relationships

Hayden: He is his boyfriend.

| Additional info
Isn’t a power, he drank the fountain of youth and is unable to die. Aroon holds no true powers and weaknesses is his own faults, mistakes and able to get kidnapped easy.
Occupation: He holds no Job. He lazy and doesn’t do anything for himself since he had money from Hayden.




(Hayden Murphy). (Male)is ( 30 ) years of age. They look a lot like (Charlie Hunnam) and is an original character.

“( Love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again.)

| Personality:

Hayden is a very ambitious man. He doesn’t stop until he gets what he wants, and when he sets his eyes on that something he comes extremely passionate about it about to the point that it’s an obsession. He will get it, if it kills him or someone else. So watch out, because if you have something that Hayden wants then he’ll make damn sure that he gets it from you and the results can turn very ugly.

He’s loud with a bad attitude. He hates almost everyone, and he’ll tell you. There a few people that he doesn’t hate, but they’re enough to count on one hand; one is his sister Jaeden and the other is his boyfriend Aroon. Which, Hayden loves to hard. He puts everything into loving someone and that makes him intense. He is over-barring, possessive, protective, and abusive; both mentally and physically to them both.

He will tell you what he thinks exactly when he is thinking it, and he doesn’t care that you won’t like it. He’s quick to jump into your face about the smallest thing and the smallest thing makes him rage. The moment that he snaps, it’s almost impossible to calm him down. There are three ways for him to calm down; Hayden walking away himself, his sister or Aroon, or beating the living hell out of someone. The blonde usually goes for the last one those choices

| Background:

Hayden was born into a rich family, which he took to his full advantage his whole life. He used his status to get what he wanted and he wasn’t ashamed about it at all. The boy is a proud snob and he’ll admit it faster than someone could take a breath of air. He is also the oldest of a set of triplets, his sister Jaeden is one of the only people that he can say that he loves. He’ll do anything for his little sister and wouldn’t think twice to kill someone for her if he had to. Does he have a sister complex? Perhaps, but she used to be so dependent on him it makes him feel that he has to protect her at all time, and he doesn’t care how much it annoys or hurts her. He doesn’t have a close relationship with his parents, in fact, he hardly knows them because he and his siblings were raised mostly by employees of the family. This gave the opportunity for him to be able to do whatever he wanted. He loved it and never missed his parents at all.

He got into almost everything he could get his hands into whether it was sports, parting, girls, etc. Hayden made sure that he was known. It didn’t matter to the blonde if it was positive or negative reasons of why people knew his name. A lot of people knew who Hayden was, but he never had any true friends as a teenager. Most people find it hard to be around him longer than two minutes. He’s also known for the fights that he has been in, he couldn’t tell you the number of fights that he’s been in. Because of the fighting he had been kicked out of almost every privet school that his parents had paid him to be in.

So, his childhood and early teenage years was spent in and out of private schools; taking care of his younger siblings. That was a toxic relationship, because he couldn’t control his anger and his possessive manners making, and it caused him to be really abusive toward both his brother and sister. And it got worse after his brother was kidnapped right from their front yard. He doesn’t talk about it much, he erased his brother from his whole life and doesn’t talk about him at all, so no one knows about him except for Jaeden and he. He has no clue what happen, and he hasn’t looked. As far as he knows Colden could have ran away.

Jumping to his early twenties; not a lot had changed in Hayden’s life. He was living on his parents money, doing whatever he wanted, screwing every girl that he thought was attractive, and locking his sister into a box that he made sure that he she couldn’t’ get out of. One day on a very rainy afternoon when he meet a small, teenage Asian. That was the faithful day that he did one nice gesture toward another human being, and it bit him in the ass. Or he thought so at first. Aroon, the small Asian that he helped, started to follow him and never leave him alone. He was in love with Hayden, and Hayden didn’t identify himself as gay. He was a woman’s man, he loved girls. He liked the ego boost from Aroon, because he could even get a man to fall in love with him. He started to hang with Aroon, but Aroon dragged things with him that would be one of the things that changed his life forever. Aroon had a friend named Kizzy; Kizzy attracted his sister in a way that he didn’t want. So one day, his precious, sheltered sister decided that she wanted to be with the woman and ran away from Hayden and his over barring, abusive ways so he had no one.

Hayden couldn’t handle this, he didn’t know what to do without his sister. Remember that sister complex that was mention before? Yeah, they were biting him in the ass. He panicked and he cling to the first thing that he could; Aroon. He manipulated and mentally abused Aroon to mold into what he wanted, he replaced his petite little sister with a petite little Japanese boy. Aroon was his, and no one was going to take him away like they did Jaeden. And to this day, he was still with Aroon, and they had a very rocky, on-going abusive relationship. He just never expected himself to fall in love with him like he had, which just made this situation worse, because he actually had feelings for him.

Now 30 years old, he owns his dead father’s business and he continues to run the city, or he thinks.

Hayden, like Jaeden, naturally have their powers. They were never experiments in a lab, and they couldn’t explain to anyone why they had their powers. However, these powers didn’t kick in until they were in their late twenties.

| Relationships

Jaeden: This is his sister.

Aroon:  This is his boyfriend.

| Additional info

• Powers/Weaknesses: molecular combustion; the ability to speed up molecules so much that they tear causing an explosion. Molecular deceleration; the ability to slow down molecules to make something move in slow-motion or freeze. He only know of the molecular combustion part of his powers, he doesn’t know that he can slow or freeze things yet.
• Occupation:
Owner of several very large insurance companies that he got after his dad died.


(Colden). (Male) is (30) years of age. They look a lot like (Travis Fimmel) and is an original character.

“( Insanity runs in the family, it practically gallops.)

| Personality:

Aside from having a personality disorder?  He was a very sweet person. Willing to help anyone who asked. Bright too, very insightful at time and wise beyond his years. His soul seemed far older than he was. But as of late he’s been more erratic, easy to throw fits of rage for practically nothing. Cruel and cunning, he likes to cause more trouble then he can handle. He’s still very reckless and careless, especially when his own life is threatened. He appears fearless and cold.

During his down moments, that will happen sporadically.  He will be unreasonably sad or distant. Sudden fits of emotional crying.  Or just be empty of any emotion whatsoever. He will just sit in the dark for hours or days on end, holding himself as if trying to hold himself together or he might burst apart.  He has scars on his shoulders from digging his nails into them in these almost trance like moments.

| Background:

Colden doesn’t really remember much up till his release from the labs. Mostly just the minor things, and usually just before he had gone missing.  But Colden was much more mild then his brother. As well as, for the most part, always in his shadow, invisible mostly. Sometimes he had felt forgotten.  But he did  love his siblings once, and his parents. Despite never having been around. He didn’t seem to scared of much and was always looking to make a good time of everything.  Usually recklessly, he would find ways to get noticed, by any means necessary. Other days though it would seem he just wanted time by himself, and would become distant, hiding somewhere at home, locked away reading or laying on the floor playing with a toy. The beginning stages of his later depression.  

He’d watch his brothers actions from the sidelines and kept quiet. Not knowing how to defuse them.  Which was very stressful on him. Most people who once had known him knew him for his quietness as a child. But as he got older he drifted more into  a more hateful person.  He’d become a different person as he reached his teen years. His room was mostly scattered with broken  things, he refused to have cleaned up.  His mind had began to break down more and more. He’d stay in his room a lot more often. Locked away from his siblings so that they could not see how bad he’d been getting. He’d began having panic attacks a few years before this, which had been crippling once they had taken hold of him.  Mostly brought on by his brothers fits of anger.

On one particular night of the others fits, Colden had began to have one of these attacks and made his way for the front door. Wanting fresh air.  That or he’d have to punch his brother in the face.  But not too long after escaping the situation, a man  approached. Before Colden could finish asking who the man was and what he was doing on their property, another man reached around with a towel in his hand, a bit of struggling happened, Colden had managed to give his capture a few giant gashes from scratches  to the face, that would later scar.  Before going limp.

The next thing to happen after that was being transported to a laboratory, where they had been experimenting with the new drug ‘Ego’ at the time. It was not the drug it would later become at the time he’d arrived in the labs. For the first few years it mostly left him comatose and prone to seizures.  Colden mostly remembers this time waking up throwing up purple gunk on his pillow. After this period of time they finally had gotten somewhere in the right direction with their drug and it had begun to have a much more pleasant affect on it’s user. But Colden’s body had gotten used to it after while, and had no affect they had wanted. So they kicked him to the curb. For a while then after he got hooked on varies drugs and found work by any means necessary to survive. Which for him, involved several years of stripping and modeling, usually while high out of his skull. Which probably meant he took home more then just woman at times.

But he’d usually been to far out of it to care. He was pretty scrawny at the time, and for most of his customers that was perfect, a promise of some coke and some cash was the easiest way to get the boy to do whatever you wanted. He was pretty cheap, and might of cross dressed on occasion, but that could be because of the personality disorder he developed, he probably thought he really was a woman at times. But one night, sleeping in  bed with another man. Colden started yelling and hitting the man, pushing them out of his bed the other got up  and started to kick the shit out of him a moment later, being the stronger of the two. Soon he was tossed out onto the street, bruised and bloody, the only thing he was wearing was a blue dress. Embarrassed he made his way through town. Only to once more come face to face with the man who took him from his home before. He’d been about  30 at the time.

He was drugged again and taken to the labs, starting a new experiment on him. After a few surgeries he had been thrown in the room. His head throbbing for days on end. Then after a short black out. He woke up on the streets again. A massive surgery wound on his head, staring at a local bar. A need to go inside filled him, something had been waiting for him inside the bar.

| Relationships

Hayden and Jaeden: They are his family, his brother and sister. Though he remembers barely anything about them since going missing.

| Additional info

  • Powers/Weaknesses:  He can turn into a crow, Conjure things from tree’s, and create fire, of which the power source is located in his left eye.
  • Was a stripper, model

New York City

Let’s just say that everything isn’t as it seems out in the city, unnatural and dangerous things that can’t be explained. No, not that they can’t be explained just things that a normal human shouldn’t know about. You thought it was bad in the beginning but let me put it this way, things can get worse. Much worse……

This Roleplay is Indie-Character Friendly.



 Crow He is 23 years oldHe looks a lot like Frank Iero and he is an original character

“It’s just you and me now.”

+ Hardworking, Energetic, Humorous  
- Overachiever, Obsessive, Dogmatic 

He is a figment of Jace’s overactive imagination. Or more so a personality that exists outside of his head. He is more so a protector then anything. Created by Jace’s unique powers.


Jace  August. He is 16 years oldHe looks a lot like Max Thieriot and he is an original character.

“(Your greatest enemy will hide in the last place you would ever look.)”

| Personality

Jace is the younger brother  of Charlie. When he was younger you could say he was just the sweetest boy. But for the most part. That wasn’t always true. He always had a mean streak in him. Especially when it got to a competitive level, when Charlie was involved.  Jace is spoiled. Unbelievably so, he, being that real child of the Augusts. Charlie, being the adoptive loser. Jace always knew this, so he wasted no time in manipulating his parents whenever the other didn’t do something he liked. Jace is a brat, through and through. Snotty and down right, with no morals. At least for the most part.

Other times he’s oddly really nice. Sweet even.  But mostly he’s confused about who he is. What is right and what is wrong.  He’s also unreasonably angry for some reason.    Throwing temper tantrum’s for absolutely no reason at all. Hurting himself and anyone else that happens to be there. He’s sadistic that way. He loves pain, whether to himself, or anyone else.  But sometimes not enough people are around when he’s throwing these tantrums. Because he likes to give of that ’ sweet, innocent guy’ aura when deal with people. In order to use them later, when he needs them. So many believe he’s just the sweetest guy. He’s a  Psychopath. That’s all it boils down to. But you won’t know till it’s far to late.

| Background

Jace grew up in the background, despite being the Augusts real son. He wasn’t so bad as a child.  No, quite normal for a while.  He remembers when Charlie started pissing him off. He’d been in the living room playing with his dinosaurs,  on the carpet. As a boy. Jace was very shy and this scared him. Who was this dirty kid! Looking to his parents they explained to him that ’ This was Charlie’ Narrowing his eyes at the other he wonder what a Charlie, was doing with his parents. He was told that the boy would be his new brother, that he’d had a horrible Mother, that he was taken from. That He, should be nice to Charlie.  Jace looked back into the room and blinked.  Stepping back over he sat down and started to explain to Charlie about how dinosaurs acted.  Because the other had been doing it all wrong.

Which was pissing Jace off.  “NO!” he shouted after a few minutes, when the other placed the triceratops next to the T-rex and started making them be friends!  Smacking the other with the long neck he’d been holding, right across the others face. He, for the first time had felt like hurting another person, and it felt, good.  Jace liked hitting the kid.   His parents coddled the brat, of course.  Though as the years went by this coddling began to wear on the blond boy. He and Charlie usually spent most of the day tormenting one another with Tricks and abusive antics, mostly abusive on Jace’s part. Because he had a temper on him even then. But as the years began to race by. Jace began to realize something.

Why …why did his parents always talk about that PRICK!?  Charlie did this, Charlie Did that. Never Jace, Jace was a good boy. He did his homework. He even passed  over charlie, skipping several grades. But still, Charlie! It was beginning to drive him up a fucking wall!   In the last few years of high school he finally just snapped.  Half killing himself in a mental fit that involved a broken mirror, a knife and him going to the hospital. The scene left at the home was like that of a murder scene.  Spending a few weeks in the hospital he began to recover, finally waking up. Being comatose the entire time.  He woke up to the last thing he remembered. His parents had told him that Charlie had been sent to some Fucking academy.  That, Charlie…    He ruined his parents!  He ruined his life!   Soon a doctor showed up explaining to him he’d had a mental break down. That he was suffering from signs of Some sort of Disorder. That they hadn’t been able to pin point exactly what was wrong with him. But gave him some anti psychotics and others assortments of pills. Sending him home to his parents.  Jace eventually ‘persuaded ’ his parents to send him to the school, with a knife.  Then he was in the school, and was looking for his brother, which wasn’t hard to spot the idiot. Now, if he could just pretend he still liked the other and wasn’t fucking crazy.  He could stab the other and his nightmare will be over

| Relationships

  • Crow, went on a road trip with his boyfriend running away from their school and ended up trapped in New York together. 

| Additional info 

  • Likes Animals, Monkey’s especially, he finds them cute.
  • His Favorite Cartoon  character is Marvin the Marian.
  •  Has Scars on his wrist from the incident, and many others from events after.
  • Doesn’t like being touched, he hates skin to skin contact. It makes him feel vulnerable